App Grid, Installing Apps Differently

In my life, I rarely used Ubuntu Software Center, but now I’m trying an alternative to it, App Grid. I don’t think I will use App Grid because I install and use a lot of apps through Terminal. But still I thought to give it a try.

App Grid has an easier display and lists free and paid apps. It is equivalent to Ubuntu Software Center, but the way it works is a bit different. App Grid uses the sources which are added to the system and shows updates and applications.


Below are some of features of App Grid:

  • It displays apps available in block grid with feature app image, title and description
  • You will discover new apps every time you open App Grid
  • You can search by category
  • Also it features searching with description or text
  • It has a simple One-Click Install
  • App Grid is known for a simple and elegant UI with multi paging support
  • It has a Multi Language Support

How To Install

To install App Grid, open Terminal and follow the steps below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:appgrid/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install appgrid

If you don’t like App Grid, or just want to stick to Terminal like I do, uninstall it by typing the command below:
sudo apt-get remove appgrid

Below are two screenshots which I made from this app.

App Grid

App Grid