Get Linux Kernel 4.3 RC-3 in your Machine

It’s been some time that Linux 4.3 was in the market. But, just before one week Linux Kernel 4.3-RC3 was released. I think its time to get this version of Linux Kernel in your machine because it has a lot of improvements.

Read what Linus Torvalds wrote about Linux Kernel 4.3:

"I had expected 4.3 to be somewhat smaller after that pretty big 4.2, but it's not particularly small - pretty average in size, in fact. Everything looks fairly normal, in fact, with about 70% of the changes being drivers, 10% architecture updates, and the remaining 20% are spread out (filesystems, networking, tooling, documentation, mm and "core" kernel updates etc).

On the driver side, the GPU drivers remain a noticeable chunk, partly because of the Nouveau updates that missed 4.2, so there's effectively two releases worth of updates there. But there's driver updates to pretty much all the other driver subsystems too. So there's networking drivers (wired and wireless), staging, media, crypto, pinctrl, you name it.

The architecture updates are about half arm (devicetree updates are noticeable), with half being spread out (x86, mips, arm64, powerpc, s390).

On the filesystem side, the bulk of the changes (in lines of code) is the removal of the ext3 filesystem (with ext4 remaining to support ext3 layouts - but the separate ext3 codebase is gone). But there are misc updates all over: f2fs, btrfs, nfs, xfs, ufs, gfs2, proc..."

In a brief review, below I am writing what has changed in Linux Kernel 4.3 RC3.

  • Initial open-source support for the AMD R9 Fury “Fiji” graphics processors
  • Intel Skylake Graphics “Gen9” are enabled by default
  • Other Intel Graphics changes
  • Great rework of the Nouveau DRM driver for open-source NVIDIA graphics support
  • Minimal FBDEV updates
  • OpenGL 3.3 support for VMware
  • The EXT3 driver has been removed as support for existing EXT3 file-systems can be handled by the EXT4 driver
  • Btrfs RAID 5/6 and TRIM fixes plus other minor improvements
  • Fixes for EXT4 and F2FS

How To Install

To get Linux Kernel 4.3 in your machine just run the following commands.

For 32-Bit Systems

Download the .deb packages:

$ wget
$ wget
$ wget

Install the packages:
$ sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.3*.deb linux-image-4.3*.deb

After you did the previous steps you need to reboot the system.
sudo reboot

For 64-Bit Systems

The code below work for 64-Bit Systems.

Download the .deb packages:
$ wget
$ wget
$ wget

After you downloaded the .deb packages, you need to install them:
$ sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.3*.deb linux-image-4.3*.deb

Now, you need to reboot the system:
sudo reboot

In case you want to uninstall these packages, you can run the command below:
sudo apt-get remove 'linux-headers-4.3*' 'linux-image-4.3*'

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