How to install Atom on Debian Jessie 8.2

Atom is one of few tools that is created with a purpose in mind “To be used by everyone”. Its motto is to help students on their first day of coding school, but also it is created as a weapon for seasoned hackers.

Atom was created by Github and the best thing about Atom, is that it is hackable and customizable. You can add custom packages and themes to your Atom text editor. At Atom Website you can find a lot of beautiful themes and useful packages .

Why Atom is one of the best text Editors

There are a lot of reasons why Atom is considered the text editor of the future. Let see these reasons:

1. Atom is cross-platform and it works across operating systems. We can use it on Linux, Windows and OSX.

2. It has a built-in package manager. You can search and install new packages and even start creating your own.

3. The autocompletion of Atom is one of the best.

4. You can easily browse files in system.

5. Also you can split Atom interface to multiple panes

Download and install Atom on Debian Jessie

The best way to download and install Atom on Debian Jessie is to download the package from its website.

1. Download the file from Atom official site

Download Atom Text Editor

2. Install the package that I download. The name of the package is deb. The package is located in home folder.

Install Atom on Debian

For more information about Atom, you check the link here.

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