How to Install Chromium on Ubuntu

In this article we will see Chromium features and how to install Chromium on Ubuntu.

Chromium is an open-source browser, which is behind Google Chrome. These two browsers share most of the code and features. But still there are some differences in features and licensing. Chromium aims to build a faster, safer, and more stable way for all web surfers to experience the web.

Chromium takes its name from the metal element, chromium. You can imagine Chromium as the open-source version of Chrome. That is the intention of Google. The Chromium Project is designed to have a minimalist user interface. Chromium, being open source, is available in the Ubuntu repositories and is actively maintained by Ubuntu developers and also by the Chromium Project.


Chromium is a browser that fulfills all needs of a Linux user. Chromium is very powerful, check these features to understand why:

  • It provides high-speed surfing. Many of modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon and Sleipnir 3 are based on Chromium. Chromium is based on Webkit.
  • Chromium supports all Google Chrome extensions, so the user can extend the browser features.
  • Chromium doesn’t send user’s personal information to Google. (That’s the reason why I like it!)

install chromium ubuntu linux

Chrome vs Chromium

I believe that you always have wondered why Chrome and Chromium have similar names. It exists a strong connection between Google Chrome and Chromium. Google Chrome is based on it. But, there are also some differences beetwen Chromium and Google Chrome. Google Chrome takes 99.9% features of Chromium and adds:

  • An auto-update system called GoogleUpdate
  • An integrated PPAPI version of Adobe Flash Player
  • A restriction that disables extensions not hosted on the Chrome Web Store
  • Its name, Google Chrome(registered trademark)
  • and many other features

How to Install

Installing Chromium in your machine is very easy. Just run the following commands and you have it in your Ubuntu.
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

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