How to Install Sublime Text on Fedora?

Before some days ago, I wrote a post How to install Atom on Debian. Today I’m showing you How to install Sublime Text on Fedora.

Sublime Text is one of most used text editors for the moment. It is suited for code, markup, prose and also has a great similarity with Vim in visual terms. But what makes us love Sublime Text, is the user interface, great performance and its extraordinary features.

Why people love Sublime Text

Multiple Sections

You can make ten changes at moment, not change one thing ten times. With this feature you can change many lines of code at once and rename variables fast and very easy.

Goto Anything

Goto Anything helps you to find and open files very fast with a few keystrokes. You can open Goto Anything in the menu bar or by pressing Ctrl+P. With this feature you can type part of a file name to open it. To jump to symbols type @ , to search within the files type # ,type : to go to a line number or you can combine all these shortcuts.

Sublime Text Goto Anything

Split Editing

You can split your monitor and edit your files side by side. If you have multiple monitors, you can edit your code with multiple windows and use multiple splits in each window.

Open Greed Layout Sublime Text


Sublime Text Split Editing

Distraction Free Mode

You can enter distraction free mode by pressing Shift+F11 and exit it by pressing the F11 tab. Distraction Free Mode was created to help us focus in our code. It shows us nothing else except our code in the center of the screen and menu tabs.

Distraction Free Mode

Sublime Text is available on Linux, Window and OSX. You can customize almost anything in Sublime Text because of its JSON files. It has a Python based plugin API and a console also based in Python to experiment interactively in real time.

How to Install

The easiest way to install Sublime Text 3 on Fedora is to run this script created by SimeoneWebDesign.

How to install Sublime Text on Fedora

After you install Sublime Text, open it by clicking Sublime Text icon or by typing this command.

Open Subime Text

Happy Coding!

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