How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 15.10 from Ubuntu 15.04

It’s been some days before Ubuntu 15.10 got out. Some of you guys have still on your computer Ubuntu 15.04, but you want the latest one. In this article, I will tell you how to upgrade to Ubuntu 15.10. But this tutorial works only if you have Ubuntu 15.04 in your computer.

Before we start, backup all your data to any external device like CD/DVD or USB. This method works also for Ubuntu derivates Xubuntu/Lubuntu/Kubuntu 15.10.

Updating the system

First let’s update the system. Open your terminal and enter the commands as below. Those commands will download and install the latest packages.

sudo update

Distro Upgrade

Upgrade to 15.10

After that, you need to reboot your system in order to finish installing updates. Enter the following command to upgrade to a newer version.

update manager

A window will pop up and you will see Software Updater which will be going to search for an available new release.

After some seconds, you will see a screen like below. You must click on the button Upgrade to start upgrading to Ubuntu 15.10.

Software Updater

A confirm pop ups and asks if you still want to upgrade. Click Upgrade to begin Ubuntu 15.10 upgrade process.

Upgrade Ubuntu

The software updater will notify you the details the number of packages are going to be removed, and those who are going to be installed. Click Start Upgrade to continue.

Upgrade Ubuntu

Upgrade Ubuntu

After some moments, you’ll be asked to remove unnecessary applications. Click Remove to continue.

Upgrade Ubuntu

Finally, you need to restart the computer.

Upgrade Ubuntu