Libre Office 5: The Complete List of Changes

It’s been some time since developers released the fifth version of Libre Office. In this article, I will list all the new features of Libre Office 5. Right now, you can download Libre Office 5.0.4 from their official page.


Modern graphical operating systems have default Unicode 6 support with several Emojis and other useful special characters. Libre Office 5 has got a new AutoCorrect extension to simplify Emoji and other Unicode character input using de facto standard Emoji shortcodes, and other keywords surrounded by colons.

Styles & Formatting deck of the Sidebar now displays a preview of the available styles.

Now the Libre Office supports Word-compatible text highlighting. Both highlighting and shading are preserved during import / export of Microsoft Word documents.

It is now possible to crop an image with the mouse. Action is accessible through contextual menu entry : Crop image, Format -> Image -> Crop menu entry and Graphic toolbar.

Some other improvements are the calculation of displayed page number, table management, and toolbar improvements.

In this version, DOC has been improved. Import of annotated text ranges from binary DOC format was a problem for quite some time, now it should be as good as it always was in the ODT/DOCX/RTF filter.

Also, it has been some improvement for the arcTo command in OOXML shapes described using drawingML.

Now, math equations embedded into text documents should be now imported as editable embedded math objects. (RTF improvements).

Also, dragging and dropping images into Writer on Mac OS X works.


Calc has been improved in various ways. UI of data bars has changed in a good way.

Export of formatting for conditional formatting to XLSX fixed.

Table structured references in spreadsheet formula expressions are imported from OOXML spreadsheet documents.

Usable with defined database ranges, which OOXML tables (content of

elements) are imported to.

There had been changes related to FLOOR and CEILING spreadsheet functions.

It is now possible to specify references to entire columns or rows using the A: A or 1:1 notation instead of A1: A1048576 or A1: AMJ1.

It is now possible from Format -> Image menu, from contextual menu and from graphic toolbar, to Crop an Image with the mouse, to Save an image and to Change it by another image from disk. These functionalities behave like in Impress or Writer.

Impress and Draw

Rearrangement of toolbars in Impress to optimize the user interface for better usability.

Rearrangement of toolbars in Draw to optimize the user interface for better usability.

Image and shape context menus were improved by removing less important entries in them.


Export to PDF now supports the Time-Stamp Protocol. The address of a Time-Stamp Authority can be specified in the security settings of PDF options.

Option added to preserve document invisible content when sending a document by email.


Writer can now import Apple Pages files (Pages ’09 and older). There have been other improvements in OOXML, in MediaWiki, in Keynote import filter, MS Works import filter, and Freehand import filter.

GUI changes

Some general things have changed at GUI.

Impress’s user interface was improved to provide more space to the slide by hiding the text, shape, and image formatting contextual toolbars.

Draw’s user interface was improved by hiding formatting contextual toolbars, aligning the shapes toolbar to the left to resemble other drawing applications, and with an expanded sidebar to provide access to formatting options.

The design of the display-toggling button in pane dividers has been updated to increase its visibility.

Other changes include sidebar changes, improvements in Calc/Draw sheet tab controls, HiDPI changes, new icon theme by KDE, update to the Tango icon set.

How To Install Libre Office 5

Open the terminal and run the code below to install Libre Office 5 in you Linux machine.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/libreoffice-5-0
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade