Linus Torvalds Opinion About Open Source Security

Nowadays, security is a priority for lots of organizations and people. Imagine if somebody enter in your PC and steals all your work and data. That will be fatal, especially for a company or corporation.

If you want stronger protection on your system, then Linux is the right choice. Linux powers a lot of big names: Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Netflix.

But some experts say that Linux’s founder, Linus Torvalds doesn’t take security seriously enough. For example Daniel Micay, a security researcher on Copperhead thinks that a lot of kernel developers who care about security, are not the ones that are making the calls.

The Washington Post’s article focus on points which suggest that Torvald’s priority is not security and he is not really serious about it. Nowadays Linux is very powerful, even more powerful than before. It plays an important role on today’s Internet because it powers many servers and networking devices.

But the most important part, is the attitude of Torvald’s towards security. Torvalds recognizes and admits that a completely secure system can simply never exist. This is a good mindset because we need to know that there will be always security vulnerabilities.

Linux powers millions of servers and it is the most secure options right now for data centers. Questioning Linux security is a no-brainer. Of all security breaches of last decade, Linux was part on none of them.

Linux still needs better security improvements and nobody doubts that. Kernel maintainer James Morris, recently presented a long list of significant strategic security problems at the Seoul Linux Kernel Summit.
If we work on these security problems, the future of Linux is bright.