Ubuntu Touch OTA-8: What’s New

Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 is set to launch these days, reports shown exactly tomorrow, November 19th. Ubuntu developers informed that this version will have major updates.

In this article, we will see the latest features implemented in Ubuntu Touch OTA-8. Two of biggest updates that would catch eyes of every user are mouse integration controlled by Unity 8 and support for external monitors.

According to Ubuntu’s software engineer Łukasz Zemczak, developers fixed a power consumption issue. This issue occurred when no network was available on Ubuntu Touch devices.

There will be new versions of Web Browser and Unity Scopes Shell as well. It has been a continued work by developers to fix the problems issued by users from the Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 software update.

Other updates include fixes for QtOrganizer5-Eds components and Hotspot management in the Indicator Network.

There has been a confusion about how OTA versions are displayed in System Settings. Now there will be displayed the actual OTA number instead of r-numbers. After you install the OTA-8 software update, you will see the OS version at About this phone under Settings. It says that it is version number 15.04 (OTA-8).

According to the reports, Łukasz Zemczak pronounced:
“There were more landings today, which were: a hotspot management rework in indicator-network, unity-scopes-shell and qtorganizer5-eds fixes and a new ubuntu-system-settings with the display of the OTA number in the about page. Starting with OTA-8, each OTA will be tagged and the number explicitly displayed in system settings for easier identification.”

For other updates on OTA-8 see the list below:

  • Improved Contacts sync
  • Audio playback controls at sound indicator
  • New weather application
  • Location and heading information at Location service
  • New Book aggregator scope
  • New Twitter scope with the ability to tweet, follow, unfollow and comment
  • Web browser updates: Media access permissions for sites, new bookmarks views, thumbnails and grid view for Top Sites page
  • Ubuntu store: QtPurchasing based in-app-purchases
  • Other bug fixes

I think you will like the Ubuntu Touch OTA-8.