Ubuntu Touch OTA-9: What Has Changed

Łukasz Zemczak has sent in his daily report to inform that Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 update will be released around January 20, in 2016. After they launched OTA-8 and OTA-8.5 developers at Canonical are implementing the final updates for OTA-9.

Developers will have less time to work with this version. Usually, it takes a bit longer than six weeks to develop the next OTA version, but this one corresponds to the December holidays and Christmas time.

Features of Ubuntu Touch OTA-9

Right now, developers are working on a lot of features which are in progress and fixing bugs. Below are some of the features which are provided to us by our sources.

This version comes with a lot of fixes. One of those fixes are the devel-proposed images along with a patch for some image failures.

One of biggest updates for Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 will be Unity 8 with lots of features. Some of the components that come with Unity 8 in OTA-9 are QtUbuntu, QtMir, a new media hub update and a new Ubuntu UI Toolkit release that it comes with a lot of bugs fixed from the previous version.

The developers have managed to backport GStream from Ubuntu Xenial Xerius (16.04 LTS), GDrive, Ubuntu System Settings Online Account and the Signon UI packages.

The Address Book app has received support for choosing default address books and keyboard navigation.

Another update is Buteo, along with the ubuntu-themes package. For more, the qml-module-qtbluetooth package has been properly added to the touch seeds.

Some languages pack have been added and a cleanup had taken place in this operating system.

It is said that developers have prepared a new version of the next-generation Mir display server.


All in all, in Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 we will see new versions of Unity 8, supports for Unity Scopes Shell with Scope refresh improvements, Indicator Network, Address Book Server, Ofono, QtUbuntu, QtMir, and UITK (UI Toolkit).

It is also said that very soon the mobile operating system will migrate to Ubuntu 16.04 (Long Term Version) branch, but right now the team is working on the older Ubuntu base.

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